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Follow a few simple rules, and the perfect burger can be yours!


Start with good meat:

You want moist and juicy, so ground chuck with a 15% to 20% fat content is best if you are buying it already ground.  Better yet,  grind your own meat using a combo of chuck and short ribs for an amazingly juicy and flavorful burger.

Don’t overwork it:

For the most tender burgers, handle the meat as little as possible.  Gently form patties without overworking the meat.

Definitely season, just do it  right before grilling:

Always season liberally with Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper!  Why right before grilling?  Salt dissolves proteins and draws out moisture which will affect the texture of the meat. (and not in a good way)  You also run the risk of overworking the meat if you try to incorporate salt into the patty.

Give it a dimple:

No need to deal with baseball shaped burgers.  Give it a little dimple right in the middle while forming the patty to allow the burger to plump while cooking without losing that nice flat profile.

Pick the right bun:

No squishy fall apart buns here!  You want firm enough to stand up to a juicy burger, yet soft enough to squeeze down on and bite into without  hurting yourself!   We’ve got this one covered…Quick Hamburger Buns.

Never a soggy bun:

Put your dressing of choice on one side of the bun, and lay the burger down with the lettuce between the patty and bottom half of the bun.

Let it rest:

Just like you do with a nice steak, you need to give your burger a few minutes (say 5 at most) of rest to redistribute those amazing juices so that you can enjoy all of them when you bite into it.

Be creative with your toppings:

With really great quality ingredients your burger will shine without having to add too many toppings.  Trying different combinations is the spice of life.  Shoot for no more than three or four toppings to allow all of the flavors to come through.  Check out these Pickled Onions!











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