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Welcome to my blog.  My name is Monica, and I love to cook, especially for family.  That’s me in the picture with the great big “I’m in heaven” smile on my face.  That’s because I’m eating the most amazing pastrami sandwich I have EVER had at Katz Deli in NYC.  If you are ever in NYC, it is totally worth the time!  Aside from loving to eat, I have two very busy boys, so I squeeze my food experiences in whenever I can.  Being a foodie, my goal is to expose them to the flavors of the world one dish at a time.  We’re all on this adventure together, discovering the incredible flavors that our own and other cultures have to offer.  Sharing meals brings us closer together and food simply tastes better when you eat it with family and friends. 

I have been cooking, creating and experimenting with recipes longer than I can remember.  We’ll be cookin’ it real by keeping it seasonal and simple. I truly believe that variety is the spice of life, so you will find that my recipes offer lots of options for making them your own.  Join me on this journey and we will cook, learn, enjoy a glass of wine (or two) and inevitably have a few laughs along the way!

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